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Attention SPOT Users

April 13th, 2012

The ORC Difference

ORC was the first company to graduate from the DoDs Interim External Certification Authority (IECA) program to the final ECA program.

ORC’s lineage traces back to the early days of the DoD PKI (CAC) certificate program when the ORC Team hosted and operated the DoD PKI Development and Test Labs. This gives ORC very detailed knowledge in both DoD PKI and DoD ECA PKI in terms of both the history, legacy conditions, and similarities and differences of the two DoD certificate programs.

PKI certificates are now necessary to log in to SPOT-ES.
AKO or Username/Password account users will need to add a PKI certificate to their accounts.
Note: Users without a CAC card will need an AKO account as well as a DoD approved ECA Certificate for SPOT access.
Note for foreign nationals and US citizens abroad: Certificates cannot be issued to Non-US nationals in Afghanistan. This includes individuals from Canada, New Zealand, UK, and Australia (regardless of any waiver they may have). U.S. citizens may obtain ECA Certificates in Afghanistan if identify vetting occurs according to the steps on section 11.1 of the CP. Notarial Services can be provided by the U.S. Embassy, Consular Offices, and JAG Officers.
To access SPOT, choose from one or three year Medium Assurance Identity/Encryption Certificates, also referred to as ‘browser based’ or ‘soft’ certificates:
One Year $109
Three Year $249
How do I get an ECA Medium Assurance Identity and Encryption Certificate?
  1. Go to http://eca.orc.com/sw-identity-certificate/ and make an online application. Print your forms.
  2. Attach your Proof of Identity and Citizenship:
    • Two Government-Issued Photo IDs
    • Proof of Organizational Affiliation
    • Approved Citizenship Document (Valid or Expired Passport, Birth Certificate, Naturalization Certificate)
    • Payment information
  3. Complete the Face to Face Identity Proofing:
      • Go to a Notary within your organization or at your local bank;
    • Visit an ORC Registration Authority at our Fairfax, VA office.
ORC’s Help Desk can provide remote desktop assistance for any issue you may encounter. Please contact ecahelp@orc.com for rapid support.
ORC’s typical certificate issuance time is between 1 to 2 days after all paperwork is received. You will receive a email notification when your certificates have been issued.
If you have any general questions, please contact Vanessa Vincent at 703-246-8531 or vincentv@orc.com.