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US Government Access Certificates for Electronic Services
The purpose of ACES is to facilitate public access to the services offered by government agencies through use of information technologies, including on-line access to computers for purposes of reviewing, retrieving, providing, and exchanging information. ORC is authorized to provide digital certificate for:

  • Identification/Digital Signature
  • Encryption, Server Authentication and
  • Signing of Code

These certificates can be used for:

  • Personal or restricted information retrieval.
  • Updating personal or restricted information.
  • Filings with government agencies.
  • Application processes, such as applying for government licenses, student loans, government benefits, etc.
  • Financial transactions with government agencies.
  • Distribution of code.

The ORC ACES supports the medium assurance levels, as defined in the U.S. Government ACES Certificate Policy (CP). ORC ACES offers two-year Certificates.

ORC ACES subscribers may include members of the general public, individuals authorized to act on behalf of business entities recognized by the ORC Certificate Authority (CA), such as employees, officers, and agents of sponsoring organizations and qualified relying parties that choose to use ACES.