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The Importance of Digital Identity

In government as in business, knowing whom you’re dealing with is essential when using any form of electronic communications. Businesses need identity assurance for commercial enterprises such as e-Commerce, online banking and trading, Internet-based enterprise solutions for process automation, or digital form signing. ¬†At the same time, government entities are in the business of keeping our nation, its people, and its physical infrastructure secure. Part of how they do that is by limiting access to mission-critical information or applications, so that “need to know” security is maintained. They do this by implementing a certificated-based public key infrastructure to confirm identity, and using digital encryption to protect documents to only be opened by the intended recipients.

Digital certificate-based identity assurance protects the government’s physical and logical infrastructure restricting access to buildings, office suites, firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), servers, directories, and enterprise resources that help government agencies and organizations achieve their mission.

Properly implemented, digital certificate-based identity assurance operates flawlessly within an organization’s environment, working well for both internal and external users and the applications they need, running 24×7, handling as many users as needed and providing the highest level of assurance.

With the right partner and the right solution, government agencies and commercial vendors can realize a secure trusted network to achieve our collective mission of keeping America safe and secure.