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Looking for Cybersecurity Sprint PIV-I Solutions?

Non-Federal Issuer (NFI) – PIV-I

ORC is a certified Non-Federal Issuer (NFI) for PIV-Interoperable credentials.  Our credential portfolio covers the full spectrum of user communities across the Civilian Federal and DoD domains. ORC is a certified provider of Federal PIV credentials, PIV-I credentials, GSA ACES credentials, DoD ECA credentials and the Transportation Worker Identity Credential (TWIC).

Personal Identification Verification – Interoperable (PIV-I) Credentials
Credential acceptance across the Federal Agencies
Federal Bridge Cross Certified digital certificates
3 year validity
One Credential solution for both physical and logical access
All 4 digital certificates using the SHA 256 algorithm
Escrow of the Key Management cert included
Certificate and Card Validation through CRL and OCSP
All components are FIPS-201 certified and follow the PIV-I specifications
Multi-factor authentication with fingerprint and photo matching
No maintenance fees—One time cost.

ORC Non-Federal Issuer (NFI) - PIV-i

Who needs passwords? I don’t. My credential is trusted.

The ORC PIVotal ID for Business (PIV-I) is ideal for:

Commercial Companies
DOD contractor community
Healthcare Organizations
Transportation Workers
Law Enforcement/First Responders
Federal Agencies for contractors and customers

ORC PIVotalID for Business is approved by the Federal Bridge and the DOD as a PIV-I Issuer. See references:

ORC now offers PIV-I credentials that are directly cross certified with the Federal Bridge. In addition to using the ORC PIVotal ID for Business (PIV-I) credentials for your interaction with the Federal government, companies can use the credential as their internal company badge. This credential allows your organization to use the credential for secure access to all company owned websites, smart card logon, digitally sign and encrypt documents and email, as well as physical access to solutions that use RFID and card authentication.

For large organizations, ORC PIVotal ID for Business (PIV-I) offers you three solutions:

  1. Fully Managed PIV-I offering – ORC performs all functions to provide your employees or clients their PIV-I credential. This includes performing registrar and issuer roles, hosting the Card Management System and the Certificate Authorities.
  2. Backend Managed PIV-I offering – ORC will train your personnel to perform the registrar and issuer roles. ORC will host the Card Management System and the Certificate Authorities.
  3. Certificate Manufacturing Authority PIV-I offering – If your organization already has a Card Management System that is FIPS 201 approved, ORC will provide hosted Certificate Manufacturing Authorities for your system. This will provide your credentials with the PIV-I cross certification that is required for government wide use.

Bulk pricing available. Please send request to pivotalid-sales@orc.com for details.

ORC Non-Federal Issuer (NFI) certificate types, signing certificates, CRLs and documentation links


  • ORC NFI Medium Assurance Certificates
  • ORC NFI Medium Hardware Certificates
  • ORC NFI PIV-I Hardware Certificates
  • ORC NFI PIV-I Card Authentication Certificates
  • ORC NFI PIV-I Content Signing Certificates
  • ORC NFI Device Certificates

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