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As part of our integrated solution offerings, ORC has established strategic agreements with key contributors in the Information Technology arena that will ensure successful implementation of your requirements.

Current ORC Partners include:


Bell ID provides versatile lifecycle management software to issue and manage smart tokens such as (EMV) smart cards, identity security tokens as well as credentials on NFC mobile devices. Its solutions are especially suitable to support complex industry demands that require large volumes and management of multiple applications on different tokens.

For over 20 years Boldon James has helped organizations with the most demanding communication requirements manage sensitive information securely and in compliance with legislation and standards. The company’s solutions extend the capabilities of Microsoft core infrastructure products to allow secure information exchange. Boldon James is Microsoft’s worldwide “Go To Market” partner for National Security and Public Sector Messaging. Boldon James is a wholly-owned subsidiary of QinetiQ, with offices in the UK, US, Australia and Europe, and channel partners worldwide.

Explore Cisco’s comprehensive suite of support services and see how you can improve the overall efficiency of your network operations and network performance, and benefit from Cisco’s engineering knowledge and experience base, leading practices and innovative, web-based tools.

Christine Robinson & Associates, LLC, provides business and technology strategy, architecture, and security solutions from small initiatives to the world’s largest. Services may include focused efforts or full life-cycle development for domestic as well as international solutions.

Focused, principled, and experienced, DSA has delivered advanced technology solutions to the highly secure and regulated civilian Government and Defense Industry for 45 years. DSA’s deep expertise in system and network engineering, software development, certification and accreditation procedures, security practices, Federal regulations/guidelines, and consulting provides customers with a proven, reliable partner in a broad range of IT disciplines.

F5 Networks – Application Traffic Management capabilities make the creation and delivery of any IP-based application or Web service predictable, secure and cost-effective regardless of the network environment.

Fargo is the worldwide leader in secure card identity systems. Fargo ID cards enable systems with smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards, photo ID badges, ID card printers, and more. Fargo ID card printers and ID badge solutions are used in access control systems, time and attendance tracking and asset protection.

A Solution for Every Market – ImageWare Systems is the leading provider of secure credential, biometric and law enforcement solutions in the U.S. and across the globe.

Ingrian Networks delivers on the promise of e-Transaction Privacy, enabling forward-looking businesses to protect their applications and data in transit across the Internet and in storage on internal servers and databases. The company’s comprehensive application security solutions consist of patent-pending security software integrated into a family of secure transaction platforms. The result is complete, end-to-end privacy of all Web-based transactions, including e-commerce, e-mail, ERP, and more.


Intercede is the producer of the MyID® Identity and Credential Management System (IDCMS). Intercede’s MyID is renowned worldwide as the only IDCMS software product that enables organizations to easily and securely manage the identities of people and their associated identity credentials within a single, integrated, workflow driven platform. This includes enabling and managing: secure registration, biometric capture, application vetting and approval through to smart card personalization, issuance and management.

Thales – Protecting sensitive information – customer credit card numbers, user passwords or financial records – no matter where it resides or travels, is a monumental security challenge. It requires innovative solutions that are as secure as they are versatile. That’s why cryptography, in all its forms, has emerged as the solution of choice for securing information and closing security gaps enterprise-wide.

NIKSUN is the recognized worldwide leader in developing and deploying a complete range of network performance monitoring, security surveillance and forensic analysis tools serving a wide range of protocols and interfaces, ranging from Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet to OC-3. Our products are the only network appliances that continuously capture and analyze LAN, MAN, WAN traffic at Gigabit rates in a single platform.

NIKSUNs’ product line delivers unprecedented flexibility, scalability and real-time response. The company’s patent-pending real-time data analysis and recording technology enables Enterprises, ASPs, ISPs, and Carriers to provide secure and reliable network infrastructures and services. NIKSUN has facilities in New Jersey and India and sales offices in major cities throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific. In addition, NIKSUN has developed strategic partnerships with industry leading network solution and security management providers worldwide to offer its customers the best solutions for their network performance monitoring and security management.


Probaris is a leading provider of trusted identity software and services to commercial enterprises and government agencies. The company develops and markets Probaris ID®, the most advanced commercially available identity management system (IDMS). Probaris ID® is used to register, enroll, issue, and manage the lifecycle of trusted identities. The software product enables the capture and secure storage of biometric and other personally identifiable information necessary to produce high assurance digital identity credentials.

RSA Security’s portfolio of award-winning solutions including authentication and credential management, access management, identity administration and data protection toolkits sets the standard in the industry. Our strong reputation is built on a 20-year history of ingenuity, leadership and proven technologies, and approximately 20,000 customers around the globe.

Safend’s best of breed endpoint security solutions enable organizations to securely enjoy the advantages of mobile computing – from removable media and wireless protocols to the smartphone – enhancing productivity without sacrificing data security. Safend’s advanced solutions deliver granular visibility and control over the organization’s endpoints – exposing existing and potential threats, and enabling precision prevention and remedy to ensure comprehensive internal data security.

Siemens Communications, Inc. is head-quartered in Boca Raton, Florida, with the Federal Division located in Reston, Virginia. As part of Siemens AG, a 96 billion dollar leader in infrastructure technologies and services, the company has significant global experience in deploying, operating and maintaining enterprise wide Identity and Access Management systems and services. The company’s unique approach for a dependable implementation focuses on the client requirements, secure process improvement and robust technology. Enabling the synchronization of disparate directories and databases and system-to-system connectivity, the Siemens DirX product suite offers a scalable, high-performance and high-availability architecture that is implemented in the most demanding environments managing millions of user on a daily basis.

Sun was founded with one driving vision. A vision of computers that talk to each other no matter who built them. A vision in which technology works for you, not the other way around. While others protected proprietary, stand-alone architectures, we focused on taking companies into the network age, providing systems and software with the scalability and reliability needed to drive the electronic marketplace.

TecSec is a standards-based product and solutions company focused on data management & information privacy and confidentiality.

TecSec’s Constructive Key Management (CKM) technology is standards-based. CKM Enabled? products provide fine-grained access to information through encryption thereby providing security, privacy and confidentiality, and role-based access control to information.

Tumbleweed’s comprehensive approach to securing online communications allows organizations to ensure that all their email, file transfer, and Web interactions and transactions are private, reliable, and efficient. Tumbleweed’s Internet security software and hardware solutions are used by organizations of all sizes. By choosing the right combination of Tumbleweed products to meet specific needs, organizations can secure every aspect of internet communications.

Wave is the leader in delivering trusted computing applications and services with advanced products, infrastructure and solutions across multiple trusted platforms from a variety of vendors.