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Government-compliant PIV-I Solutions

ORC can help you meet your Cybersecurity Sprint PIV-I mandates. Get started immediately and be compliant before the 31 December 2015 deadline with:

  • Privileged user credentials with PIV-I
  • PK-enablement of your domain
  • Domain controller setup
  • VPN enablement
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Training & authorization of your personnel to be Local Registration Authorities (LRAs)

Learn more at www.widepoint.com/cybersprint

ORC has issued and manages millions of US-compliant credentials enabling stronger and more secure transactions for US federal agencies (civilian and Department of Defense) and their employees, the global contracting community, and more.

  Commercial companies
  DOD contractor community
  Healthcare organizations
  Transportation workers
  Law enforcement/first responders
√  Academia
  Federal agencies for contractors and customers

Ready to get started now?

Email pivotalid-sales@orc.com for immediate assistance.