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ORCs Consulting services provide federal and commercial organization access to the most talented and dedicated individuals in the Information Assurance industry.  We’ve had a long and successful track record of assisting organizations in acheiving their mission with the following competencies:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Information Assurance
  • Acquisition Management
  • Program Management
  • Auditing

    ORCs engineeing services support authorization, audit functions and session management that enables your organization to define access rights for individuals carrying out roles such as a business partner, a supplier, a customer or an employee.

    ORC provides analysis of your organization’s business and technical policies across application and data resources for implementation of various devices such as smart cards, security tokens, cell phones and personal computers, to providing a higher degree of automation. ORC provides:

    • Security support – A group of security professionals will be on hand to assist relying parties in security issues regarding Certification and Accreditation.
    • Test support – A test lab environment available to prove out the infrastructure connections and functions required by the relying parties. The test support personnel would develop test plans and procedures and document products and methods that meet the authentication/ Relying Party requirements.
    • Technical/ business policy coordination – A group of professionals tasked with documenting and meeting technical and business requirements of the enterprise.