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As a U.S. Government External Certificate Authority (ECA), ORC is a DoD approved certificate authority and authorized to provide digital certificates for:

  • Identification/Digital Signature
  • Encryption to secure email and digital files
  • Server Authentication for identification of web sites and other devices
  • Domain Controllers for securing your Windows domain and Signing of Code

The ORC ECA supports the medium, medium token and medium-hardware assurance levels, as defined in the U.S. Government ECA Certificate Policy. ORC ECA offers 1, 2, or 3-year Certificates, encryption key archival and recovery, FiXs Certified Credentials, Microsoft Smart Card logon, and Microsoft Domain Controller certificates.

ORC ECA Subscribers may include DoD contractors, vendors, allied partners, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies, Foreign Nationals, members of other Government agencies and their trading partners.