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Secure Hosting

Secure Hosting Solutions
ORC operates a secure, audited hosting facility that can fullfill the most rigid of security requirements. Features of the secure hosting facility include:

• Fully-redundant power and climate control
• 5 layers of physical security
• Redundant network connectivity
• Facility is audited and approved to operated in accordance with the access control policies and procedures developed and maintained by the GSA, as set forth in GSA IT Security Policy (CIO P 2100.1D); CIO-IT Security-01-08, Auditing and Monitoring
• 24x7x365 service and connectivity monitoring
• Two party access to all server hardware

ORC will work with you to implement a hosting solution to fit your needs. Contact us at securehosting@orc.com for more details.

Secure hosting service offered by ORC meet the promises of a National Information Infrastructure (NII) that Internet-centric transactions will:

  • Improve citizens’ access to government services and information;
  • Facilitate the flow of government information within and among the different branches and agencies; and,
  • Reduce government operating costs through the implementation of electronic business processes.

ORCs products and services fulfill these promises by offering managed services that include strong digital signatures ensuring the identity of the senders and receivers of electronic messages and the integrity of the messages themselves.  As a technology leader in the implementation, deployment and use of public key cryptography and public key certificates to bind a person’s public key to their identity, ORC is uniquely qualified to provide these services.

ORC has supported this goal, with GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP) and Federal Technology Service (FTS) for over ten years, being instrumental in the design, development, implementation, operation, and maintenance of the federal identity assurance programs.