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ORC is a trusted government partner, celebrating 17 years of service to government and industry. ORC ensures that all services are delivered using best practices and are enhanced by direct operational experience. All products recommended and deployed as solutions by ORC have been vetted to ensure they will enable our customers to protect current and future investments in technology and resources. Additionally each must be able to be deployed today. ORC’s primary lines of business include:

  • Systems Engineering Services (SES)
  • Managed Services
  • Value Added Reselling (VAR)

ORC’s unique SES experience in planning, developing, implementing, and maintaining information assurance infrastructures, has met the growing need within the medium to high assurance level market. ORC flexible Common Identity Enabling Infrastructure (CIEI) allows enterprise and application owners to begin where they currently are architecturally and migrate toward achieving their vision of a secure network identity model.  ORC is poised to support these secure network identity enterprise requirements (in-house or outsourced), by providing seamless integration of four services that make up our CIEI:

  • Identity Management – providing infrastructure and processes that provide for creation and maintenance of an identity, including centralized administration and self-service of user accounts
  • eAuthentication – providing authoritative repositories for identity, network and/or resource profiles combined with security services that enable identification, validation and support for authorization
  • Access Management – providing authorization, audit functions and session management that enable enterprise and application owners to define access rights for individuals carrying out roles such as a business partners, suppliers, customers or employees
  • Provisioning and Workflow – implementing business policies across enterprises, applications and data that support a higher degree of automation (devices such as identity tokens, credit cards, cell phones and personal computers)

ORC Managed Services leverage universally standards based, mature, and commercially available elements that have been proven in the technology market, offering the efficiency of a common solution for multiple applications within an enterprise and interoperability with the Federal Government and trading partners. ORC can also tailor these services (in part or whole) to provide an Enterprise the following advantages:

  • Enabling organization’s applications with multiple I&A/validation interfaces rapidly
  • Enabling enterprise applications to have enterprise or local access to account data
  • Centralizing enterprise configuration management, managing information with multiple authentication methods
  • Enabling local policy to determine trusted authentications by each application (i.e., application does not inherit trust that is not wanted)
  • Implementing of components designed to manage specific tasks so that applications do not have to support all authentication functions natively
  • Enabling an easy migration path from less elegant eAuthentication schemes through higher assurance, including full PKI implementations and Federated Identities
  • Enabling organizations to leverage a Government approved solution.

ORC’s VAR line of business delivers products and solutions that are cost effective and easy to implement. Companies represented are those whom ORC has selected based on their unique value to the relevant market. Each has been selected based on technical superiority; ability and position in the market; or enabling characteristics. Many are integrated or bundled with our identity management solutions for those occasions when a project doesn’t need full-scale custom engineering. Our VAR business mission is to provide as many turnkey solutions that modularly incorporate as many commercially available components that people use every day so there’s no complicated learning curve or issues with system compatibility:

  • ORC partners with a variety of vendors, including Cisco, SUN, and nCipher, to integrate their proven quality products as part of an ORC solution. We consider ourselves to be vendor agnostic and engineering biased, so our focus will always be on providing the best overall solution for every client
  • ORC’s strong vendor relationships result in depth product knowledge and competitive pricing for our customers. ORC works closely with the technical staffs from each manufacturer to ensure their products perform seamlessly with all elements of the system and solutions. ORC’s VAR products are sold through various GSA schedules. Training and support are also readily available.